Nozzle Receiver

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The nozzle receiver is an Infrared signal receiver per J2799 standard. Its output is RS 485 signal.

Ordering information for most configuration

200033Nozzle receiver-WEH housing ATEX
200074Nozzle receiver-Walther housing ATEX
200208Nozzle receiver-Nitto housing TIIS
200306Nozzle receiver-WEH housing TIIS
200314Nozzle receiver-WEH housing Class 1, Div 2
200315Nozzle receiver-Walther housing Class 1, Div 2
200325Nozzle receiver WEH exchangeable, ATEX
200327Nozzle receiver WEH exchangeable, Class 1 Div 2
200364Nozzle receiver-Nitto Housing, ATEX
200366Nozzle receiver-Nitto Housing, Class 1 Div 2
200547Nozzle receiver WEH exchangeable, KLT
200548Nozzle receiver-WEH housing KTL
200617Nozzle receiver-Nitto housing KTL
200619Nozzle receiver-Walther housing KTL
200815Nozzle receiver-Nitto housing CCC
200816Nozzle receiver-Walther housing CCC
200403Test nozzle Receiver
200621Test nozzle receiver with USB output
200504Test receiver Software

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